Pass the torch

Idioms & Phases - Pass the Torch

Relinquish responsibilities, a tradition, practice, or knowledge to another. This metaphoric expression alludes to the ancient Greek torch race, in which a lighted torch was passed from one runner to the next. A translation from both Greek and Latin, the English version dates from the late 1800’s.

As individuals, what part of our life experiences will we pass along? What embers will we intentionally sprinkle to ignite the spirit, minds and lives of others?

Ameenah Designs is a creative platform that is used to feed the entrepreneurial spirit and artistic passion for fashion, textiles and design. When I was a little girl I recall the elders would say Keep your hands busy child. Whether it’s a trip to New York City to see a fashion exhibit; visit the NYC fabric district; attend a local fashion show gala; or a weekend Ameenah Designs studio sleepover.......I am intentionally planting seeds of creativity into the minds of young people in hopes that the embers will turn into a flame that lights the TORCH that burns for generations to come.

The Ameenah Designs Academy was established in 2016 as a creative space to teach children and adults sewing and crafting.

We invite you to call to schedule you or someone else’s private lessons.